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The commercial roofing job is not complete until all the edges are sealed, and water has no other choice but to follow a well-defined path to the ground and away from your building. That is the primary function of our skilled sheet metal team.

However, functional flashing and guttering only scratches the surface of the talents these experienced craftsmen possess. If it can be made with sheet metal, we can produce it for you.

  • Flashing and trim
  • Guttering
  • Skylights
  • Decorative wall panels
  • Custom sheet metal work

Working with Sheet Metal

A roofing company would be lost without sheet metal. Flashing, soffits, drip edges and guttering all play critical roles in weatherproofing a roof structure. The ability to form these essential pieces from sheet goods on-site is vital to roofing success. R. Adams took that a few steps further.

Flashing and Drip Edges

We fabricate custom flashing and drip edges designed to provide superior protection against water penetration, crucial for maintaining the integrity of roofs and walls. Each piece is precisely cut and formed to ensure a perfect fit with existing structures, reducing the potential for leaks and damage.


We tailor water collection and diversion solutions to each property’s specifications. Our gutters are designed for optimal performance, crafted to ensure efficient water runoff, and built to withstand harsh weather conditions, providing long-lasting protection for your building.

Metal Wall Panels

Combining aesthetic appeal with functional performance, metal wall panels offer durability and weather resistance for industrial buildings and beyond. With a variety of finishes and profiles, we ensure that our panels not only protect but also enhance the appearance of your property. Sheet metal walls have become popular decoration in both exterior as well as interior applications.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Creating drip edges and other profiles requires precision bending and welding of sheet metals. It doesn’t take much to apply those skills to crafting custom metal countertops and other accent pieces.

Over the years, R. Adams has expanded our sheet metal shop with the purpose of offering more varied and decorative solutions for our clients. We understand the critical importance of precision and reliability in metal shop services for commercial and industrial applications.

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