R. Adams History

Founded in 1984 by father and son team Ray and Randy Adams, R. Adams Roofing has worked hard to become one of the most respected commercial roofing expert in the Central Indiana community. The past forty plus years have seen a number of exciting milestones. As we look back at a few of those, we stand poised to expand and continue a tradition of excellence long into the future.

Randy Adams Randy Adams


R. Adams Founded

Father and son, Ray and Randy Adams, build upon (pun intended) years of roofing experience and start their own company on Dorman Street in Indianapolis, Indiana. Their first project was to reroof the Eastgate Shopping Center.


Growing Up

R. Adams begins their longtime relationship with Eli Lilly pharmaceutical company by reroofing their Greencastle, IN location.


Ray Retires

Satisfied that the company was in good hands, Ray Adams retired. Randy remains the ‘R’ in R. Adams Roofing.


Indianapolis Resource Safety Council

Recognizing the importance of safety in the commercial roofing industry, R. Adams becomes a founding member of the IRSC.



Sometimes success means growing pains. The Dorman Street location proved too small to house the expanding workload. R. Adams moves to their current Massachusetts Avenue location.


A Winning Tradition

Recognized for their efforts, R. Adams wins their first Governor’s Workplace Safety Award.


Going Green

Planted rooftops gain popularity as an environmental energy saving solution and R. Adams introduces Environmental Greenscapes to fill the demand. Their first job is Belmont Wastewater Treatment Plant.


Continuing the Tradition

R. Adams is awarded their second Governor’s Workplace Safety Award.


At Your Service

A.R.M. (Adams Roof Management) Service Department is formed, giving clients peace of mind and predictable maintenance costs.


Giving Back

Continuing a long history of charitable contributions, R. Adams begins their relationship with Ronald McDonald House Charity, donating funds and roofing services.


Making an Impact

Randy wins the MRCA James Q McCawley Award for impacting the Roofing Industry.


Through Rough Times

R. Adams proves its reputation as an essential employer by remaining productive through the COVID-19 pandemic.