Green Services

The term "Green" is everywhere and we're prepared to assist you with it for projects:

  • Cool, white roofs

  • Reflect the heat instead of absorbing it

  • Permeable pavers

  • Reduce storm water run-off from impervious surfaces

  • Roof integrated photovoltaics

  • Green garden roofs, or vegetated roofs

  • We are certified installers for all the most popular vegetated roof systems on the market today through our sister company Environmental Greenscapes, Inc. From pre-vegetated modular tray systems to sedum blanket systems to build in place using plugs and clippings, we can do it all to satisfy the needs of your green roof project.

    Green Roof Growth Media

    We even blend our own specially engineered green roof growth media that’s fully compliant with German FLL Standards. We not only provide our own projects, but also growers and other installers. Buy locally and realize savings on shipping charges!
A green vegetated roof system

Proud Members - Supporting the Principles of:

Coalition for Construction Safety, Inc. National Roofing Contractors Association Midwest Roofing Contractors Association Indiana Roofing Contractors Association Associated Builders and Contractors Indiana Subcontactors Association